From rapid prototyping and on-demand production parts, Unionfab offers 3D printing, CNC and other manufacturing services with rich materials, fast turnaround and low cost.

Established in 2014, Unionfab has been the most popular one-stop low volume production platform in China . Our mother company Uniontech3D was established in 2000, and it's a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade 3D printing equipment in China, occupying 70% of China's industrial-grade 3D printing equipment market.

Unionfab hopes to open its high-quality 3D printing and CNC service capabilities from China to global customers. Unionfab have three self-operated factories in China, 400 industrial-grade 3D Printer equipment, Watch Our Factories Video! Unionfab offer customized product services such as SLS, SLA, SLM, DLP, PLA, CNC, Steel Sandblasted Matte, ABS, ULTEM, Casting etc.

Unionfab use IoT, AI, and cloud computing to reconstruct the entire process of manufacturing. Customers can enjoy the convenience and speed of automatic quotation, automatic production feasibility analysis, online order progress inquiry, etc. Our customers benefit from cost reduction and quality improvement brought by the factory. Unionfab continue to use technological innovation to provide customers with more efficient products and services, from early prototypes to small batch production.


Wenext is a leading one-stop manufacturing services in Asia that helps businesses to unlock their creativity. Wenext was founded by Mr. Ryan Lu to make manufacturing process easier for small and medium businesses. Ryan Lu was one of the pioneers in a start-up company that focus on air purifiers. Ryan experienced the struggles while sourcing and working with manufacturing suppliers such as late in response, asymmetric information and etc. which cause their product launch delay.That started to change in 2015 When Ryan Lu decided to establish Wenext. Digitization is at the core of Wenext. Wenext has reduced information asymmetry and inefficient supply chain barrier in conventional industry with one-stop digital manufacturing management system. Today, Wenext has served 20k+ customers worldwide, 15m+ parts each year and owns more than 35000㎡ factory size.


Headquartered in Hangzhou, FacFox has factories and offices in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Suzhou, Changzhou and Wuhan. FacFox is devoted to connect all elite manufacturing services in China, bring the most competitive price and quality to the international creators.