Dine at Tarukai Luxury Club; not only can it arouse appetite and detonate taste buds.It's a multiple feasts of smell and vision. The overall style of the restaurant created by 3D printing."Osmanthus" as the theme Cinnamon fragrant, refreshing Incorporate colorful osmanthus lamps to add artistic conception. Creating a luxurious dining atmosphere.

3D printing technology seems to have nothing to do with the words "art" and "romantic," and Unionfab has brought more possibilities for the application of 3D Printing in creativity and emerging industries. Today, we will show you how such delicate and dreamy lamps are produced using 3D printing technology.

In the past, 3D Printing was often used for prototype proofing. Due to the improvement of material properties and the gradual improvement of post-processing technology, small batch production of 3D Printing has been widely used.

Nowadays, 3D printing technology can produce products that conventional molds cannot deliver. The exquisiteness of 3D printed lamps is not inferior to traditional manufacturing processes, and 3D Printing is more efficient and cost-effective in small batch production.