Additive manufacturing, a type of rapid prototyping, is a very representative disruptive technology in the manufacturing industry. Many people understand that the core of 3D printing technology stems from such a sentence. However, to truly experience 3D printing, it is not enough to buy printing equipment. Suppose professional printing services want to create products. In that case, they need to run through the entire process from process to printing and take into account quality testing, system certification, post-processing, and even intellectual property patent protection. Series flexible strength. Does it sound troublesome? Don't worry. Choose Unionfab's 3D printing service to help you solve all your printing needs and wants.

Service Advantage

  • Cost-saving and higher efficiency Choosing Unionfab's 3D printing service means that you do not need to purchase 3D printing equipment by yourself or hire professional 3D printing talents. You can experience high-quality 3D printing services with ease and effort. . Whether you want different sizes, materials, customized requirements for product complexity. Our team of digital engineers can help you produce design models that exceed expectations without exceeding your budget and avoid lengthy communication Links to reduce production and production costs.
  • Advanced technology and products use Unionfab's 3D printing service to produce product prototypes and production parts quickly. With 20 years of experience in 3D printing research technology. It has more than 100 3D printers and matching product post-processing services, whether it's SLA or DLP technology.
  • Professional configuration and quality certification Unionfab can quickly help you achieve high-level reverse modeling and high-precision size inspection with the help of CreaForm and Zeiss scanning design services. As the industry's leading 3D printing platform, Unionfab can easily manage and monitor printers and print queues in various places, check the production progress in real-time, making your products ready for market within the shortest possible time. Also, Unionfab provides electroplating, painting, dipping, hand-painting, inlaid nuts, glazing assembly, and other supporting processes for customers who experience 3D printing services to make your 3D printing experience more quality. More than 20 years of industry-leading expertise enables Unionfab to truly understand customers' needs and provide customers with targeted 3D printing technical feasibility and economic feasibility evaluation and excellent quality and precision performance through ISO product quality certification.

Imagination lights up reality, creativity becomes within reach, and the future is here. Driven by 3D technology, create what you think! Contact Unionfab for more details.