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Medical and Dental

Revolutionizing the healthcare industry through 3D Printing.

Every patient is unique. And every surgery needs a unique approach. From visualizing the human anatomy in 3D to holding a 3D-printed model of your own heart, we’re getting closer to providing patient-specific care for everyone.

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Dedicated Solutions

Tooth model

  • Delivery time : 1 hours
  • Printing material : Uf-S Model V2.0
  • Process points : model

High-precision tooth model with accuracy up to 0.02mm

Medical aids

  • Delivery time : 24 hours
  • Printing material : nylon
  • Process points : models, corrective appliances

Stable and tough, light and clear

Dedicated Services

How can we help your project? From co-creating the perfect product to exploring design possibilities with our Design and Engineering team, learn more about our services here.

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