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Somos® Perform

Features and applications

Especially suitable for manufacturing strong and tough parts with excellent high temperature resistance, including aviation and automobile.Wind tunnel model of vehicle application.

Natural Color white will transform to ivory yellow after heat treatment


Production of strong, and high temperature resistant composite parts.

Natural white

Excellent detail resolution
Excellent high temperature resistance.


Thin wall feature <`1mm easy to breck hard to be polish

Industry application recommendation

plastic mould
wind tunnel tests
High temperature test
Electrical enclosure

Material parameters

Material name perform
Attributes Photosensitive resin
colour Natural white
performance Hard ness High temperature
Heat Deflection Temperature 130℃/260℃ with heat treatment
Tensile Strength 68MPa
Tensile modulus 10500 MPa
Elongation at break 1.1%
Bending strength 120 MPa
Flexural modulus 10000 MPa
Shore Hardness 94 D
Printing layer thickness 0.1mm、0.07mm
Printing error 100mm±0.1
One-piece molding range 600*600*400mm

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