SLA UTR 8100 Transparent

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SLA UTR 8100 Transparent

Features and applications

Uf-S8100 is a colorless transparent material, low-viscosity photosensitive resin material with low odor and irritating ingredients. Also, It is suitable for SLA light-curing 3D printing equipment. The finished 3D printed parts have excellent dimensions. Reducibility, high surface smoothness, good detail expression, high strength, long-term dimensional stability, and good water resist high can meet the characteristics of many similar engineering plans, including ABS and PBT. It can be processed into a semi-transparent or fully transparent state according to actual needs.


"Smooth Surface, Accurate and Stable Dimensions, Low Water Absorption


High Precision; Rust Resistance; Weather Resistance; Good Water Resistance


General Temperature Resistance.

Industry application recommendation

Automotive, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Prototype Models, Cultural and Creative.

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