A few days ago, Zongwei Cube's 3D printing products won the A' Design Award in Italy, which triggered a lot of buzz in the industry, and then Zongwei Cube released the news that the new Anycubic Kobra series will be released in the near future, making many users look forward to it. As the time approaches, the news of this new product named Anycubic Kobra Plus is gradually increasing, and now I will make a summary.

The Anycubic Kobra series is a fused deposition moulding (FDM) 3D printer with a simple principle, a wide selection of materials and excellent physical properties of moulded parts, which is widely used in the fields of handicraft and prototype production.

As you can see from the preview poster, the Anycubic Kobra Plus continues the black colour scheme of the series, with a simple and technical design in navy blue and Chinese red. The Kobra Plus is a medium sized device between the other two models in the range, as you can see from the comparison. The addition of this new model will complete the Kobra series' comprehensive layout of small, medium and large sizes, offering users more choices of models for different usage scenarios.

What is also certain is that auto-levelling, the main selling point of the series, will be included in the new Anycubic Kobra. Most desktop 3D printers on the market require manual alignment of the platform, which requires precise spacing between the platform and the printhead, and the slightest error may result in print failure. The Anycubic LeviQ technology, developed by Zongwei Cube, provides a fundamental solution to this challenge.

After assembling the series, a simple press on the touch screen will allow the sensor to detect up to 25 additional points on the platform, converge these distances into a digital network and use an optimised algorithm to compensate for the level between the nozzles and the hot bed, thus enabling efficient and accurate printing.

The Anycubic Kobra range will also be modular and can be assembled in a matter of minutes, according to a previous presentation by Admiral Cube. Depending on the model, the Kobra will also have different material platforms, such as the spring steel magnetic platform for the Kobra base model and the lattice glass platform for the Kobra Max, both of which can be easily removed after the print has cooled and are scratch and rust resistant for longevity.