Unionfab has announced a new high-performance powdered nylon 12, the newest member of its Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) range of materials. Suitable for 3D printing and manufacturing functional prototypes and end-use parts requiring thermal stability and structural rigidity.

Nylon 12 is a durable, industry-standard material ideal for functional prototyping. Its recommended 30% refresh rate allows for maximum reuse of materials and optimal print success.

Unionfab currently prints SLS in sizes 350x350x400 MM with Black and White Raw Colour.

Some other features of it are High-temperature resistance, good toughness, and high strength that can be used as functional parts.

No support is required during printing; suitable for product proofing with highly complex structures.

Nylon 12
Nylon 12

Post – Process

Nylon Materials Surface is not as smooth as a resin, and the surface is a bit grainy.

Unionfab offers various post-processing for nylon 12, but the most popular requested by our customers are Vapor Smoothing, Dye Black Painting, and Raw Painting.

Industry Use

Functional prototypes, Low-volume rapid manufacturing, Motorsport, aerospace, Sports products, Enclosures & housing, Connectors and mechanical Components, and Medical & biocompatible Applications.

Advantages of Nylon

High-temperature resistance, good toughness and high strength can be used as functional parts. In addition, no support is required during printing, which is suitable for product proofing with highly complex structures.