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Upside-down, compact, portable, and super fast 3D printer - Positron V3 has it all. A compact 3D printer that packs into a filament spool box, so you can take it anywhere you want. This design is looking at a 3D printer less like a stationary machine, but more like a powerful tool in a maker/inventor's tool kit. The printer deploys and folds up in less than 90 seconds, fits easily inside a bag, and prints at 200+mm/s.


  • Max Print Speed: 250mm/s
  • Max Travel Speed: 350mm/s
  • Acceleration: 9800mm/s^2
  • Build Volume: 180x185x180mm
  • Weight: 2700-3100g
  • Hotend max temp: 250C
  • Build Plate Max temp: 90C
  • Power supply: 19-24V; 150-220W