Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Are you looking for a reliable partner, able to deliver you the number of parts you need, when you need them?

Contract Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing

Have you ever thought about using 3D printing for contract manufacturing? Additive manufacturing can be the most efficient way to mass-produce your parts. From 1 to 10,000 units, this digital manufacturing technology can help you rethink your production by adding more freedom and flexibility without sacrificing quality.

Scale your production with high-performance materials

Contract manufacturing is a cost-saving technique offering high-quality materials for your most demanding projects. Try these materials for your scaled additive manufacturing production:

Reasons to partner with a 3D printing service for contract manufacturing

Choose your contract manufacturer wisely. By choosing a 3D printing service bureau such as Sculpteo, you will benefit from:

Do You Need a Contract Manufacturer?

Using an online service bureau such as Sculpteo, there is no minimum order quantity, from a single object to 10 000+ parts, you can 3D print the exact amount of parts you need.  With 10+ years of expertise in additive manufacturing for production and prototyping, Sculpteo is also offering rigorous quality control. With our online 3D printing service, you get professional 3D printing at your fingertips with +75 materials and finishes to develop your most ambitious projects. Create a free account and upload your 3D files, select your material, technology, and post-processing options, and order online.

We’ll take care of the rest in our industrial ISO 9001 factory.

3D Printing for Contract Manufacturing

Many companies are choosing to outsource manufacturing to reduce cost, benefit from the expertise and advanced skills of manufacturers, and get the quality control they expect for their products. These manufacturing companies will be manufacturing your products. Contract manufacturers can be involved in industrial, electronics, aerospace, medical devices and many more applications.  Contract manufacturing is a cost-saving technique, this way you don’t have to invest in facilities, advanced equipment, or production staff and offers the opportunity to finally access perfectly scaled production! Indeed, these professional manufacturers are used to changing batch sizes, while maintaining high quality and efficiency. They are mastering their technologies, methodologies, and are specialists when it comes to scaling up a production.

Get to know more about 3D printing applications and how this game-changing manufacturing technique now becomes a real alternative to traditional manufacturing. 

Compare our 3D Printing Services

Service Lead Times Materials Tolerances Max Part Size
SLA 1 – 3 days Resin / Somos +/- 0.003 in. 800 x 800 x 550 mm
SLS 2 – 5 days PA12/ PA12GB +/- 0.002 in. 350 x 350 x 400 mm
MJF 2 – 5 days PA12/ PA12GB +/- 0.002 in. 380 x 280 x 380 mm
FDM 2 – 5 days PLA / ABS  +/- 0.003 in. 500 x 500 x 400 mm
Poly Jet 2 – 5 days Resin +/- 0.003 in. 490 x 390 x 200 mm