During the Chinese Spring Festival, Shanghai Hosted the Wonder Festival 2021. Event Organized by the world's largest hand-made toy manufacturer, "Kaiyodo."

"BIG Play with Big Difference" was the marketing plan for Unionfab, with the enlargement of a small part, DLP/SLA Prototype, Template Proofing service, Cloud Platform service, and 3D printing service products in the fashion industry made an excellent appearance at the exhibition. One of our few 3D printing service providers on-site attracted the attention of many hand-made prototype creation studios and creators. They showed an intense thirst for knowledge about the most cutting-edge 3D printing equipment and technology. They actively discussed the deformation problems of transparent part model data during the printing process with the data engineers of Unionfab and in-depth exchange of ideas.

Unionfab launched a unique customized printing service product called "Small Piece Magnification." The user's drawings, photos, and natural objects can be obtained through imported high-precision 3D scanning and reverse modeling to get 3D data. The 3D printing function has multiple 2.1-meter and 1.8-meter large-size integrated printers to achieve 3D data models without Limited to size, not limited to the production of physical properties of actual materials.


made modeling includes creative designs such as expression depiction, skin texture, muscle clothing trend, atmosphere landscaping, and hardness and toughness of 3D printing materials and the fineness of 3D printing products. There are extremely high requirements on the degree of precision, clarity, smoothness, and production speed.

Unionfab is committed to building a one-stop 3D printing service platform, adhering to the service slogan of quality-oriented, service first, supporting one-piece order, and dedicated customer service. Rich post-treatment process packages such as painting, hand-painting, electroplating, dyeing, etc., provide production feasibility analysis solutions, and jointly promote the development of the industry with hand-made model manufacturers.

Will 3D printing be able to change the hand-made industry? The answer was given at the WF exhibition as YES. Prototypes can display 3D printed GK white molds related to sales, which greatly optimizes the speed of copyright applications. With the continuous integration of 3D printing equipment and printing materials, 3D printing technology explores new production models in the modern hand-made industry. In addition to many applications in the hand-made template proofing stage, the detail display gradually meets the consumer-level tactile requirements. It further extends to mass production, lowers the production threshold, and expands the creative space, helping more ACG trendy gamers quickly become a creator from ordinary followers.