Covid-19 has given new meaning to the Chinese New Year. The whole country is participating in the fight against the epidemic. We believe that we will overcome the disease and resume work quickly.

This sudden epidemic disrupted people's daily life and brought different levels of impact to production-oriented companies. In this environment, Unionfab promised to start from now until March 31, 2020. During this period, SME users who newly apply can use the 3D printing industry intelligent factory solution for six months from the account opening date for free. And during this period, the engineering team of Unionfab will provide users with sufficient technical support and user training online in real-time.

Using the capabilities of the Unionfab platform, users can complete production tasks remotely while retaining post-processing personnel who can meet order requirements, and managers can understand the company's production and operation data in real-time.

Unionfab Cloud is an industrial Internet cloud intelligent manufacturing platform for the 3D printing industry. Advanced technology capabilities such as intelligent hardware, cloud computing, edge computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc., realize the smart Internet of things for 3D printing equipment. Users provide cloud 3D printing, intelligent production scheduling, auxiliary data model repair, equipment remote monitoring, equipment health management, production data analysis, service full-process standardization management and other functions, which help companies improve actual production efficiency while reducing on-site production personnel Dependence on the realization of refined management of the production process.

Main function Introduction

1. Smart scheduling for cloud printing

Work order list page-the work order scheduling status and the production status can be estimated

Production queue page-all production parameters are visible, drag-and-drop queue editing is simple and easy to use

2. Device IoT Remote Monitoring

Operation management page-large screen of equipment status, the equipment production status at a glance

Device details page-accurate display and record of the various states of the device

3. Rapid realization of online production by mobile operating machine management

Unionfab APP-production mobile management, realize smart factory upgrade in minutes

In addition to the functions described above, the platform capabilities can remotely update the processor package configuration, guide the operation and maintenance of technology, quickly adjust the equipment status, and adapt to various production needs. The platform's authority management module can easily configure each user's role and functional modules to reduce learning costs. The message centre sends multiple forms of push through SMS, WeChat, email, etc., to facilitate all types of personnel to understand the production progress in real-time, improve the production management system, and improve production efficiency.

Unionfab Cloud also has an auxiliary data model, bad parts warning, video surveillance, production data analysis, etc., which are all open to the public during the event. Come and experience it!

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