Unionfab Finishing Services

11 Apr 2024
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Unionfab Finishing Services

Laser Marking

Use high-energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece, and laser marking can produce various characters, symbols and patterns, etc.Fine processing, fast processing speed, no pollution source, is a clean and pollution-free high environmental protection processing technology

Silk Screening

Only need to provide design documents, we can carry out customized silk-screen printing process on the products, printing methods are flexible and diverse, various types of ink have strong adhesion, suitable for long-term display, and make outdoor advertisements expressive.


The process of using the principle of electrolysis to attach a metal film to the surface of the product (metal or other material) to prevent metal oxidation (such as rust) and improve wear resistance, conductivity, light reflection, and corrosion resistance (copper sulfate Etc.) and enhance the beauty and other functions.


Painting is the surface treatment that covers the products and semi-finished products that have passed the inspection. Spray paint plays a role in preventing rust, corrosion, beauty, and marking. Before painting, it is necessary to complete the pre-treatment procedures such as de-supporting, rough sanding, fine sanding, etc., to ensure good adhesion and the color meets the requirements of the drawings.

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