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01 Mar 2024
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Unionfab Who We Are

From rapid prototyping and on-demand production parts, Unionfab offers 3D printing, CNC, Casting, Injection Molding and other manufacturing services with rich materials, fast turnaround and low cost.

Unionfab is Asia's leading 3D Printing Manufacturing Company for Rapid Prototyping and On-Demand Production Parts. We have over 1000 industrial-grade 3D printing equipment for SLM, SLS, MJF, FDM, DLP, PolyJet, CNC, Rapid, Vacuum and Investment Casting, etc. We operate Five Mega-Scale Production factories in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Anhui in China.

Unionfab and its parent company Uniontech, the leader in China's 3D printing industry, occupy 60% of the market share.We provide parts manufacturing services from 1 to 100,000 pieces, helping customers achieve one-stop service from design, rapid prototyping, and direct digital manufacturing.

In addition, the Unionfab online platform is networked to hundreds of manufacturing 3D printers. As a result, it guarantees fast lead times while offering a broad array of capabilities such as order management, customization, quoting, AI process, etc. Unionfab buyers range from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. 

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Our Business Philosophy:  Better Quality, All-inclusive, Low Price, Rapidly.

Better Quality: Quality Standards are our hallmark.

1. 20 years of 3D printing process precipitation.

As an earlier manufacturer of industrial-grade 3D printers in China. The accumulation of 3D printing technology allows us to use 3D printing to produce the best product effects and precision.

2. Full-Process Production Control.

Our Unionfab Cloud is a 3D digital production management system to fine-tune the production process to ensure on-time and on-demand delivery

3. Various Post-Processing.

Backed by a robust supply chain and technology, with a fast lead time on finishing.

Low Price: Innovation at a lower cost.

Thanks to China's low cost of materials, equipment and labour. We provide global customers with low-cost and better-quality parts processing services. For example, according to estimates, the price of our printing service is 70% lower than that of European and American competitors. At the same time, as a priority DHL/UPS/FedEx member, we provide a low cost for air transportation.

Rapidly: Quick, Swift, and Fast-Moving.

1. Quick Quotation

 Our website supports automatic quotation within 5 seconds production cost quoted; 90% of complex orders complete quotation within 24 hours and 10% of complex parts are quoted within 48 hours.

2. Swift Production

90% of Orders are produced within 2-3 days, thanks to our large quantity of equipment and fast production rhythm.

3. Fast-Moving Logistics

As a priority, DHL/UPS/FedEx member, our air logistics speed arrives at your local between 3- 5 days.

Unionfab Core Values

Customer Focus. 

Dedicated to customer needs; providing value-added service at every touch point.


Creative in generating value; anticipating and embracing change for new opportunities.

Commitment to Excellence. 

Quality in our products, service and support.


Honest and trustworthy in all we do.

Our Achievements

2014 | Became the 1st Chinese factory to apply 3D printing to rapid casting License.

2015 | Developed a digital management system and applied it to factory management to accelerate the efficiency of order flow.

2017 | Established an automated 3D Printing production line, which should produce 300% faster than a manual process.

2019 | Established three super factories, including 400 industrial-grade 3D printers, 200 CNC machine tools, etc. The factory was fully digitalized, with a self-developed ERP / MES / APS system in place.

2021 | Unionfab became a strategic partner for material manufacturing giant Evonik and BASF to research and develop high-performance materials for 3D printing.