How SLA 3D Printing is used in Automotive Customization Industry (Verano Pro Case)

26 Mar 2024
3 mins
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The team of Soundwave studio (A Race Car Team) received the arduous task of converting a brand-new Verano Pro into a fighting car in the game. It is not only necessary to have both appearance and interior decoration but also to meet the needs of the battlefield in the game in terms of functional design. It should be able to blow all commercial and military vehicle fans away when this car is displayed all over the country in the future.

But when it comes to execution, it's as tricky as zombies fighting monsters.

There are no corresponding auto parts in the market, meaning all the parts must be designed and developed. Moreover, no one can imagine how to turn a car into a chariot on all roads.

The more beautiful the things are, the more the details are handled, including creators' ingenuity. For example, in the design drawing, we can see that the designer has designed such decorations as a Gatling machine gun and a small radar on the roof to increase the battlefield effect. It does increase the sense of reality, but the question is, how to get Gatling?

Soundwave Studio Designer at Unionfab Display Hall

The designer proposed to use the most advanced 3d printing automotive technology to realize it. It is said to be the only process with excellent outcomes, but the actual operation is unknown. Therefore, the modification plan is in a dilemma.

The Gatling machine gun and small radar that need to be produced in the design drawing belong to the type that falls in the rapid prototyping and small batch volume production with high processing accuracy. Unfortunately, many hollows exist in the 3d printing chain; some costs are ten times more than Unionfab quotes.

When team members were at a loss, they contacted Unionfab, Asia's Largest 3D Printing Manufacturing Company for Rapid Prototyping and On-Demand Production Parts.

350+ SLA Printers at Unionfab Factory

When team members came to Unionfab, they could not help admiring the emerging technology. Of course, 3D printing is worthy of its reputation, involving medical treatment, industrial manufacturing, model processing, precision processing, and culture. But, under the leadership of engineer Andrew, they learned for the first time that the prospect and application scope of 3D printing had already exceeded imagination.

In the automotive field, it is possible to produce such parts that cannot be manufactured by mould and shape the appearance of the whole car. If 3D scanning is added, it is possible to customize parts for out-of-print old vehicles in the future.

Painting with Chemical Vapor Smoothing (Post-Process)

Customer's Satisfaction Reaction

After a series of steps such as overall 3d printing for automotive, finishing, colour spraying, painting and chemical vapor smoothing, the long-awaited Gatling machine gun finally appeared in front of the team. Finally, all the hard work and costs were worth it!

In this automobile refitting project, many teams have cooperated in design, construction and manufacturing in the past two months. Whether it is mind-blowing instant inspiration or the "local steel making" of skilled craftsmen, the team has finally successfully built the first real-life fighting car in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds refitted from a sedan car in China!

Unionfab's Experitse

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