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Get instant quote for rapid prototypes and production parts with Unionfab’s Online CNC Milling Service. We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485 and AS9100D certified.

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High Quality Rapid CNC Milling Service

Unionfab acquired Midea's machining factory in 2019. It has more than 400 sets of various types of machining equipment. The factory is good at precision parts processing and small batch parts processing. We support 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis milling, and right-angle milling. At Unionfab, we understand the importance of time and cost-efficiency. We have a professional supply chain department, using China's excellent machining suppliers to meet the needs of different industries. Whether you are in the automotive industry, aerospace sector, medical field, or any other industry requiring precision-machined parts, Unionfab offers instant pricing, on-demand lead times, and design-for-manufacturability feedback on materials and manufacturing processes, allowing you to quickly assess the feasibility of your project. Get your instant quote today!

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Custom CNC Machining Materials

Materials Available at Unionfab
AluminumBronze/BrassCopperPlasticsSteel / Titanium / Zinc
Aluminum 5052Brass C360EPT Copper C110ABSAlloy Steel 4130, 4140
Aluminum 7075 & 7075-T6Brass 260Copper 101Acetal [Delrin]ASTM A36
Aluminum 6063-T5C932 M07 Bearing BronzeAcrylicStainless Steel 15-5, 17-4, 18-8, 303
Aluminum 7050-T7451G-10 GaroliteStainless Steel 303, 304, 316/316L
Aluminum MIC-6Nylon 6/6Stainless Steel 416, 420
Aluminum 6061-T6PEEKSteel, Low Carbon
Aluminum 2024-T3PolycarbonateSteel A36
PTFE [Teflon]Titanium Grade 2, Titanium 6Al-4V, Zinc Sheet Alloy 500
Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Available Finishes

Applications of CNC Milling

Rapid Tooling

One of the significant advantages of CNC machining for rapid tooling, such as fixtures or molds, is its compatibility with almost any material.

Rapid Prototyping

The extensive selection of available materials, coupled with low CNC machining costs per unit and rapid production speeds, positions CNC as an exceptional choice for rapid prototyping.

End-Use Production

With high-quality surface treatments, a diverse array of materials, and precise tolerances, CNC emerges as a highly advantageous technique for producing end-use parts.

Advantages of CNC Milling

The latest CNC machining capabilities enable us to manufacture highly accurate, quick-turn parts in as little as 1 day. Unionfab offers instant quotations for the CNC machining of your designed parts. Simply upload your design files, and you'll receive an instant CNC quote.

CNC Milling Tolerances & Standards

DescriptionGeneral Tolerance or Standard

Maximum Part Size

Milled parts can be as large as 140” x 98” x 31” (3600 x 2500 x 800mm).

Distance Dimensions

For features of size (Length, width, height, diameter) and location (position, concentricity, symmetry) +/- 0.005”.

Orientation and Form Dimensions

0-12" +/- 0.005", Angularity 1/2 degree.

Precision Tolerances

Unionfab can manufacture and inspect to tight tolerances as per your drawing specifications, including GD&T callouts.

Minimum Feature Size

0.005” (0.127mm), dependent on part geometry and chosen material.

Threads and Tapped Holes

Unionfab can accommodate any standard thread size. We also offer the service of machining custom threads. Consequently, these requests will undergo a manual quote review process.

Surface Finish

The standard finish is “as machined”, with a surface finish of 125 Ra or better. Additional finishing options can be specified when obtaining a quote.

Edge Condition

Sharp edges are broken and deburred by default. You can specify critical edges that must be left sharp on a print.

Overview: What is CNC Milling?

The Basics Of CNC Mills

CNC mills are automated cutting machines that utilize a rotating spindle-head equipped with various cutting tools to remove unwanted material. There are several types of CNC milling machines, each with its own distinct maximum part size. CNC Milling is primarily employed for cutting harder metals, but it can also machine workpiece materials ranging from plastic and aluminum to stainless steel and titanium.

How CNC Milling Works

CNC mills excel at profile cutting harder materials. A CNC mill is controlled using G-Code created through a CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) system. G-code commands enable machines to identify where to move, how fast to do so, how deep to cut, and how to maneuver the workpiece to create a specific component. The complexity of G-Code increases with the number of axes a milling machine possesses.

Types of CNC Mills

Other Benefits of CNC Mill Machining Processes

CNC milling machines can achieve higher accuracy and repeatability. Besides prototyping, CNC milling machines are well-suited for both low and high-volume production runs. Once the prototype is approved, manufacturers can effortlessly replicate the design with consistent accuracy and quality. CNC milling machines are versatile in processing various materials, ranging from basic aluminum and plastics to more exotic materials like titanium.

Why Choose Unionfab for Custom Milling?

Limitless Choices

Tailor your order by selecting from an extensive range of materials, finishes, tolerances, markings, and certifications, offering millions of potential combinations.


Receive your parts conveniently delivered to your doorstep, eliminating the necessity for sourcing, project management, logistics, or shipping.

Affordable Price

The price of our CNC Milling service is 50% lower than that of European and American competitors. Also, we implement strict quality management to ensure consistent high quality on your CNC milled parts.