Multi Jet Fusion(MJF)

Print your MJF parts with fast turnaround and wide variety of Nylon materials as fast as 2-3 days!

Overview: How MJF 3D Printing Works?

The Basics of MJF 3D Printing

Multi Jet Fusion is an industrial 3D printing process that produces functional nylon prototypes and end-use production parts as fast as 24 hours. The printers are unique in that they separate recoating and printing/fusing during the printing stage, making it possible for each process to be separately optimized for performance.

The build unit is moved on to cool after the job is complete, allowing for a continuous printing process. Build times may vary between 8-16 hours, with excellent times ranging from 2-3 times the corresponding build times. This attributes to the longer lead times when compared to PolyJet or Stereolithographic processes. Parts must be allowed extra time to cool to reduce susceptibility to warping and shrinkage.

3D printing basics

Benefits of MJF 3D Printing

3D printing benefits
  • Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) uses fine-grained materials that allow for ultra-thin layers of 80 microns. This leads to parts with high density and low porosity, compared to parts produced with Laser Sintering. It also leads to an exceptionally smooth surface straight out of the printer, and functional parts need minimal post-production finishing. That means short lead times, ideal for functional prototypes and small series of end-parts.

Benefits of MJF 3D Printing With Unionfab

  • Unionfab can provide customers with HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series Industrial 3D Printing Solution and HP Jet Fusion 4200 Industrial 3D Printing Solution. Unionfab uses the most advanced plastic industrial 3D printers for large-scale production, which not only ensures the production of high-quality parts, but also optimizes productivity and cost.

  • Thanks to our online Multi Jet Fusion service, you can have access to professional Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers to produce your part, distantly, and without needing to worry about operating the machines. You’ll get your 3D printed Multijet Fusion PA11 and PA12 parts, fully functional and ready to be used or integrated into a larger object, within a few days.

  • Unionfab has a professional team of engineers and production capacity to provide more diversified, efficient and cost-effective MJF 3D printing solutions for different application scenarios of industrial customers.

Features of MJF 3D Printing


Strength & Durability

Nylon material with strong mechanical and durable properties, perfect for end-use parts.

Scalable Volume

Multiple, identical parts can be built on a single platform at one time, greatly increasing production efficiency.


SLS is capable of producing end-use parts on-demand, increasing throughput.


MJF 3D printed parts do not require tooling which reduces the manufacturing lead time from weeks to days, allowing for faster innovation and speed to market.


Designs can be made quickly with a minimum of material waste while maximizing strength and complexity.

Surface & Detail

MJF has tolerances of +/-.012”or +/-.003”per inch, and feature smallest to 0.1mm


Material Limits

Now MJF has only Black PA12 nylon material, but we can expect metal and fullcolor plastic material coming soon!

Scale Effect

The unit cost and lead time will not be reduced as much as casted or molded parts.

Design Guidelines: Multi Jet Fusion(MJF)

  • Max Part Size
  • Layer Thickness
  • Minimum Feature Size
  • Wall Thickness
  • Tolerances
  • Surface Finish Options
Normal Resolution14.96 in. x 11.18 in. x 14.96 in.380 mm x 284 mm x 380mm

MJF Machines of Unionfab

Production Machines

ProcessNameNumbersProcess Size(mm)Detail
MJFHP-420010380*380*2803 files
HP-52008380*380*2804 files

Post-Process Machines

ProcessNameNumbersProcess Size(mm)Detail
Sand-blastingSand blasting machine2400*800*5000 files
AnodizedAnodizing equipment2800*2000*5000 files
PolishChemical polishing line2600*1200*4000 files
Magnetic polishing machine260*60*600 files
PaintingPainting Line21000*2000*10000 files
ElectroplatingElectroplating line2600*1800*5000 files

Available Materials

Available Finishes

A bead blast removes all powder and leaves a consistent overall texture. Parts are then dyed a standard black color.
available finish - defaults

MJF 3D Printing Applications

With MJF, the prototype can be made using nylon material with great functionality. Fast turnaround makes it a good choice for functional prototyping.
Customized Products
The speed and versatility of MJF let variable production of customized gifts/samples for different users become possible.
Batched Products
MJF can be applied to make high-quality small batched products from 1-10,000 units, ideal for small businesses that wishes to test the market’s reaction to their newly developed products.

Industries with MJF 3D Printing

Consumer Products
Art and Fashion

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