Vacuum Casting/Silicone Molding/Urethane Casting Services

Get instant quote for small batches of high-quality parts with Unionfab. Suitable for manufacturing prototypes and parts ranging from 10 to 1000 pieces. Maximum build size of 1500*1000mm. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485 and AS9100D certified.

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Why Use Unionfab for Vacuum Casting/Silicone Molding/Urethane Casting Services?

Nearly 80,000 European and American customers have chosen Unionfab's Vacuum Casting/Silicone Molding/Urethane Casting Services for the following compelling reasons:

1. Fast turnaround

Rest assured, with our 20 sets of Vacuum Casting equipment operating round the clock, swift turnarounds are guaranteed. Depending on the size and quantity of your parts, you can receive them in as early as 10 days.

2. Material and finishing flexibility

At Unionfab, we accommodate maximum build sizes of 1500*1000mm, ensuring that your projects are executed seamlessly. Choose from our exclusive assortment of over 10 meticulously curated materials like ABS-like, PP-like, rubber, and high-temp variants, each boasting a unique set of remarkable properties. Embrace the versatility of our Vacuum Casting range, spanning from ultra-soft and flexible (Shore A) to extraordinarily robust and impact-resistant (Shore D).

Witness the magic of impeccable surface finishes, where painting, polishing, and more are at your disposal. Let us know your desired colors, and we'll expertly paint your parts accordingly.

3. Cost-effective

Vacuum casting is the cost-effective method to create small batches of high-quality injection molding type parts for prototypes or low volume end-use parts in low stress, relatively benign environments. Additionally, our Vacuum Casting service is priced at a remarkable 70% lower than that of our European and American competitors.

Use the 3D viewer above to preview Unionfab's part rendering features.

What are Vacuum Casting/Silicone Molding/Urethane Casting Services?

Vacuum Casting, also known as Silicone Molding or Urethane Casting, is a technology that combines silicone molds and a 3D printed master pattern to create small batches of high-quality parts in a short amount of time. Each cast part accurately replicates the color, texture, and geometry of the original master model. These parts are suitable for fit and function testing, marketing purpose, concept proofing, high quality prototypes, etc. Vacuum Casting is also widely used for customizing end-use parts. It is an ideal choice for creating impeccable prototypes and plastic parts ranging from 10 to 1000 pieces.

Vacuum Casting/Silicone Molding/Urethane Casting parts

Custom Molding Services: Soft Glue, Hard Glue, Transparent Parts Vacuum Casting, Bicolor Parts Vacuum Casting

flexible part; rubber part;TPU part; soft material

Soft Glue

The hardness range of Unionfab's rubber and silicone materials falls between 30 and 90 Shore A.

rigid resin parts; end-use parts

Hard Glue

The assembly accuracy can be as high as ±0.1mm.

transparent vacuum casting part

Transparent Parts Vacuum Casting

Unionfab supports the production of transparent and translucent parts with Vacuum Casting, and also provides surface treatment services such as frosted finishing.

bicolor vacuum casting part

Bicolor Parts Vacuum Casting

High temperature vulcanization and molding processes form the desired shapes from raw materials, guaranteeing long-lasting colors that won't fade.

Metal 3D Printing Tolerances


Maximum Part Size

1500 x 1000 (mm)

General Tolerances

±0.25mm (The minimum tolerance is ±0.1mm.)

Customization Services

We can paint the parts in two or multiple colors according to your requirements.

Typical Lead Time

7-12 Business Days

Vacuum Casting/Silicone Molding/Urethane Casting Materials

Vacuum Casting/Silicone Molding/Urethane Casting Finishes

Vacuum Casting/Silicone Molding/Urethane Casting Design Guidelines


Max Part Size

1500 x 1000 (mm)

General Tolerances

±0.25mm (The minimum tolerance is ±0.1mm.)

Maximum Quantity

100 Pieces Per Type

Surface Finish Options


Minimum Wall Thickness

0.75 mm, but 1.5 mm is recommended

Typical Lead Time

7-12 Business Days

Vacuum Casting/Silicone Molding/Urethane Casting FAQs

Vacuum Casting/Silicone Molding/Urethane Casting Applications

Low-Volume Production

Vacuum Casting parts are an ideal choice for low-volume production, particularly well-suited for processing plastic parts ranging from 10 to 1000 pieces. This ensures better consistency and accuracy in product dimensions.

Advanced Prototyping

The Vacuum Casting process utilizes low-cost tooling, making it a more affordable and accessible method for prototype creation. It enables the production of high-quality prototypes using a variety of materials and accommodating design alterations. This facilitates easy testing of designs, efficiently preparing them for functional testing.

Market Testing

Vacuum Casting proves to be the optimal choice for consumer testing, user evaluation, and conceptual modeling. It facilitates the production of prototypes using the same material intended for mass production, thus yielding results comparable to other manufacturing methods. Furthermore, it accurately simulates the mechanical and functional properties specified in the final design, including smoothness, rigidity, and flexibility.