PETG is a strong and durable plastic-like ABS but harmless to human health. PETG is made with one of the most common synthetic materials - polyethene Terephthalate (PET), modified with Glycol. Thanks to this, PETG is much more rigid, stiffer, more precise and easier to use in 3D printing and machining than PET. Also, the modified plastic does not crystallise and becomes breakable. PETG can be used instead of polycarbonate (PC) for CNC machining as it can form a transparent plastic material with almost the same impact strength as PC but is much more cost-effective. PETG can also be used for hotline bending and welding.

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Features and applications

  • Easy formability
  • Toughness
  • Shiny surface
  • High strength-to-density ratio

[Print Size]
800x800x500 MM

PETG has applications in various industries due to being resistant to heat, impact and solvents. It is widely used for packaging (both retail and medical), advertising displays and electronic insulators.

It is also widely used in 3D printing since glycol prevents the problems associated with PET, such as overheating and becoming cloudy and fragile. It is also possible to sterilise PETG items. With good adhesion between layers, minimal deformation during printing, good resistance in low-temperature environments, chemical resistance against bases and acids, and an absence of odour while printing, PETG is becoming the favoured material for 3D printing.

Polyethene terephthalate glycol is ideal for producing flexible parts with good resistance to shocks, such as pressure-clad items, protective factors or food containers.

[Print Effect]
Standard: Support structures are removed and some light sanding is performed at the support locations. FDM parts will generally show clear layer lines known as stepping. If a smooth surface finish is required right off the machine, then they should consider other 3D printing technologies.
Custom: Custom surface finishes like painting and additional sanding can be requested.

Black & White

High strength
Chemical resistance
Resistance to staining
High impact-resistance
Low thermal expansion
Low moisture absorption
Excellent machining characteristics


Can be weakened under UV light

Industry application recommendation

Protective parts
Mechanical parts
Medical tubes and bottles
Containers for food/beverages

Material parameters

Download PETG Datasheet Here




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