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Somos Taurus

Somos Taurus is the latest addition to the high impact family of stereolithography
(SLA) materials from Somos®. Parts printed with this material are easy to clean and
finish. This material's higher heat deflection temperature increases the number
of applications for the part producer and user. Somos® Taurus brings the combination
of thermal and mechanical performance that until now has only been achieved using
thermoplastic 3D printing techniques such as FDM and SLS.

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Somos Taurus

Features and applications

  • Engineering Resin

[Print Size]
600*600*400 MM

Heat tolerance up to 90°C
Strength and Durability

[Print Effect]
Smooth / Matte

Natural Charcoal

Strength and durability
Wide range of applications
Excellent surface and Large part
Heat tolerance up to 90°C
Thermoplastic-like performance look and feel


Non-UV resistant

Industry application recommendation

Customised end-use parts
Tough, functional prototypes
Under the hood, automotive parts
Functional testing for aerospace Low volume connectors for

Material parameters

Download Somos Taurus Datasheet Here


Somos Taurus

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