Nitriding Steel 38CrMoAl

38CrMoAl Steel Is A High Grade Nitrided Steel With High Wear Resistance, High Fatigue Strength And High Strength.It Is Mainly Used For Nitriding Parts With Precise Dimensions After Heat Treatment, Or Various Nitride Parts With High Impact Load And High Wear Resistance, Such As Mast, Grinding Machine Spindle, Automatic Lathe Spindle, Worm, Precision Screw, Precision Gear, High Pressure Valves, Valve Stems, Gauges, Templates, Rollers, Imitation Molds, Cylinder Blocks, Compressor Piston Rods, Governors On Rotary Turbines, Rotating Sleeves, Fixed Sleeves, Various Wear Parts On Rubber And Plastic Extruders, Etc. .

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Nitriding Steel 38CrMoAl

Features and applications


38CrMoAl is a nitrided Alloy Steel with high wear resistance, high fatigue strength and high strength.

Black & Bright Surface

High Surface Hardness, Wear Resistance And Fatigue Strength


structural transformations

Industry application recommendation

boring bar, grinding machine spindle, automatic lathe spindle, worm, precision screw, precision gear.

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