Cast Aluminium ADC12

ADC12 is an alloy used in creating die-casting components. Also known as A383, this aluminum material is cost-efficient and facilitates manufacturing processes. It is the most widely-used choice of metal for many die-castings produced internationally.

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Cast Aluminium ADC12

Features and applications


ADC12, also known as A383, is an aluminum alloy used for die casting parts manufacturing. What does ADC mean? ADC stands for Aluminum Die Castings, ADC12 is JIS ADC12 for short. ADC12 aluminum is one of the most widely used materials for worldwide die casting factory, due to its great die casting properties, including excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and cutting performance; good filling performance and less shrinkage; low density and high strength; good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, dimensional stability, and good surface treatment characteristics. ADC12 aluminum castings also work normally at high or low temperature and the material is easy to be cast.


good corrosion resistance, outstanding mechanical properties, and good machinability due to higher silicon levels and lower levels of copper


Industry application recommendation

electronic equipment, motor vehicle components, appliances, furniture, power tools, LED lighting, die casts, bicycles, machinery, communications equipment, electric vehicles, carpentry, valves, digital technology, engine brackets, and more.

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